Located on the coast of the northeastern part of Central America rests the country of Belize. With various languages spoken and cultural influences, Belize has developed into an extremely diverse country – this place is just waiting to be discovered and explored by the adventurous traveler on our Belize tours and excursions.

Belize Travel Tips

When planning a day trip in Belize, you should know the climate and currency used. Also, be aware of your different needs depending on your tour package. For example, you may need a swimsuit for water-based tours. Or, a good pair of walking shoes if most of your tour experience is on foot.


The climate of Belize is warm, with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees, so be sure to apply lots of sunscreen during your stay. If you forget to pack your own bottle, you can buy one at nearly any gift shop or supermarket.

From approximately late November to mid-April, the dry season yields less rain and more tourist activity than the rest of the year. However, it’s always a great time to go on a tour or excursion in Belize! This country loves to celebrate, so check out the many holidays of the year Belize celebrates while planning your vacation.


The Belize dollar is the standard currency, but almost all places accept US dollars. Ask your tour guide specific questions about currency.

Beautiful Belize Vacations

Belize boasts some of the most exciting, beautiful, and historical places you’ve ever seen, and we offer the best day tours to get you up close and personal with all this country has to offer. Travel back in time as you journey to an ancient Mayan ruin dating back to around 200 B.C with our Altun-Ha and Belize City Overview cruise tour.

Book exciting Belize cruise excursions like our Cave Tubing day excursion for some adrenaline-packed fun. Go on a unique adventure tour and tube through the underground cave system of Belize.

Spend a relaxing day on the white sandy beaches and experience some of the most amazing underwater activities Belize offers. Book our Goff Caye Beach Break with a Snorkeling shore excursion to explore the Caribbean marine life.

Shore Excursion Group offers a vast array of travel packages and private tours to suit your style and adventure needs. Whether you’re exploring the Maya Ruins at Lamanai and Altun-Ha, or the Belize jungle, you’ll never forget this beautiful place and all it has to offer.