Considered the “greenest” city in all of Europe, half of Hamburg is covered by water, farmland, parks and woodlands. That’s not to say that this isn’t a big city, because Hamburg has the second largest population in Germany and is now home to German media companies Der Spiegel and Die Zeit, along with thousands of other companies based in television, radio and advertising. Hamburg is also home to a major base for airplane producer Airbus, but you might best know Hamburg for its associations with the classic American hamburger. Either way, there’s no doubt that cruises to Hamburg offer something for both the nature-lover and the city-loving cruiser. Featured below are a few of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Hamburg, Germany: 
  • Visit the Rathaus, a Baroque building with 647 rooms. The key highlight of this huge structure is the coffered ceiling and the Emperor’s Hall. 
  • Try some of Hamburg’s cuisine at a local restaurant. Try birnen, bohnen and speck which is green runner beans with pears and bacon. Or for a real treat try a Franzbrotchen, which is like a stuffed and flat croissant. 
  • Amsterdam isn’t the only city with a red light district. If you are daring and looking for a thrill, head to Grosse Freiheit, or Great Freedom street. You will also find clubs and theater performances here. This is one of the places where the Beatles got their early start. 
  • Kunsthalle is Hamburg’s recently reopened art museum. It houses an altarpiece that was painted in 1379 with 24 biblical scenes along with an entire wing devoted to contemporary art. 
  • If visiting on Sunday, get up early and head to the Fischmarkt, this is the city’s oldest open-air market where you can also catch live bands.